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New Rise Technologies

A unique light show in the night sky

+ Show

more than 85 successful high-profile shows


The largest flag in the world at the opening of the Riyadh season, with a width of more than 25 km

+ minutes

more than 1300 minutes of air time

+ Drones

Launched a total of more than 115,000 drones

With more than 3,600 drones located in Saudi Arabia, which is made possible with the latest cutting-edge technology we applied for this special model that can do LED show in premium quality.

Our software and operators can be sure that nothing goes wrong thanks to the safety measures we have put in place on the system to ensure high performance and deliver the offer to the end.

300 drones

500 drones

1000 drones

2000 drones

We tell stories and create legends in an illuminating way!

We are Saudi company with a team of dreamers, innovators and passionate people who strive to give a true joy and genuine surprise to everyone who experience the magical moment of our events, we are telling stories, create happiness and entertainment through technology and luminous drones shows.

We have organized many luminous drone shows in Saudi Arabia with many clients like : General Entertainment Authority, National Event Center, Saudi Convention and Exhibition General Authority, Sela Sport and many other entitie.

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Our Clients

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