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    The conclusion of the Saudi ROSHN League

    Drone show at the end of the Saudi ROSHN League

    With the conclusion of the Saudi ROSHN League, joy and celebration of the end of a season full of excitement and honest sports competition are embodied Football fans gather in different places to witness the crowning of the winning team and honor the exceptional performance during the season, the sky is decorated with charming drone shows that catch the eye and add a touch of modern technology to the celebration, making this event a unique and distinctive experience for everyone who participates in it or follows it through media and social networks.

    In this way the Saudi ROSHN League concludes with pride and creativity, paving the way for new seasons of excitement and challenges in the world of Saudi football.

    8 screens were displayed :

    • The logos of Al-Ittihad Saudi Club and Al-Tai Club
    • Countdown screen display
    • Football player
    • The Saudi ROSHN League Cup
    • Football turned into a colored globe
    • Tiger 3D
    • Screen display of extracts of the goals of Al-Ittihad Club
    • Flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    The show was implemented by Newrise Technology Company in partnership with Sela.

    2000 Drones

    Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

    15 min

    12 / 06 / 2023