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    Jazan Winter 2024

    Jazan Winter 2024

    On a beautiful night in Jizan, the drones shone with amazing colors and painted lines of love and loyalty in the sky for the people of Jizan.
    To celebrate the warm Jizan winter festival, the drones moved with harmony and showed us paintings that simulate the beauty of civilization and the splendor of Jizan with multiple images in (14 different scenes):

    painted pictures of our wise leadership and the beauty of the sea and the sunlight, the hospitality of the luxurious coffee beans from Jazan, and the freshness of the white beans, and a scene of the beauty of Farasan Island and the famous Hareed fish, and a picture showing the development of the industrial renaissance, and we concluded with the slogans of the Jazan Municipality and the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu.
    The show lasted for 19 continuous minutes, astonishing the audience and impressing them, both young and old.

    The show was implemented by Newrise Technology Company in partnership with Sela.

    1000 Drones

    Saudi Arabia, Jazan

    19 min

    04 / 01 / 2024

    Jazan Municipality