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    Drone show for World Environment Day 2024

    Drone show for World Environment Day 2024

    On World Environment Day, Saudi Arabia illuminated the skies of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Khobar with a spectacular display of 500 drones, featuring various environmental-themed formations.

    The drone show included formations such as a water droplet, a plant transforming into a tree, the World Environment Day logo, and the message “We are #GenrationRestoration”.

    Each drone formation symbolized different facets of environmental stewardship, emphasizing the collective action needed to preserve natural resources and combat climate change. This initiative highlighted Saudi Arabia’s dedication to environmental sustainability and innovation, leveraging technology to inspire proactive measures for a greener future.

    The show was implemented by Newrise Technology Company in partnership with Sela

    500 Drones

    Riyadh – Jeddah – AlKobar

    15 min

    03 / 06 / 2024